Article from the Graphics Industry Newspaper - interview with Jan Slovák

Article from the Graphics Industry Newspaper - interview with Jan Slovák

Komfi is a well-established manufacturer of laminating machines in the print finishing area. A few years ago, it also entered the market with varnishing machines and digital machines for spot varnishing. Komfi's portfolio has recently been expanded by new machines for printing book edges. Aside from print finishing machines, its second main area are single-purpose machines for various manufacturing areas. "The share of our manufacturing activities to print finishing currently amounts to 60:40 with print finishing holding the majority," says Ing. Slovák.

"I've heard opinions that laminating is in decline and that UV varnishing is becoming more and more prevalent. We haven't seen anything like that in our sales figures, but we are following new trends as well. The Delta range is still selling well, but lately our Amiga machines are overtaking it in sales. Our numbers suggest that laminating is not being replaced by UV varnishing even on foreign markets; rather, it seems that UV varnishing is finding its own applications. Our primary markets are Western Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Japan. In all of these markets, there is a trend to downscale from larger to smaller machines. The development of the Fullmatic and Spotmatic machines is part of the diversification of our production program, which is also related to the general strategy of Komfi. Originally, single-purpose machines were the focus of the company and a laminating machine for a customer was simply an interesting project we worked on. Thanks to its success, we naturally entered the print finishing market and began the mass production of laminating machines. Nearly 10 years later, we expanded our portfolio of print finishing production by varnishing, an area which continued to be developed over the years".

Article from the Graphics Industry Newspaper

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