Junior 36 – A practical small-format solution (Svět tisku 03-04/2013)

Junior 36 – A practical small-format solution (Svět tisku 03-04/2013)

Czech printing magazine "Svět tisku" paid attention on its product pages in 03-04/2013 issue to our laminator Junior 36. Two pages summarized how the laminator developped during the 2 years since its first presentation at PrintExpo Brno exhibition in 2011. The article describes not only technical solution and design changes, but also mentions practical experiences of customers who bought Junior 36.

Selected parts of the article:

Is there is a simple solution combining the advantages of industrial processing and efficient operation in digital print production, where several print jobs only are made on a regular basis? Several versions are available in the market, and the Lanškroun based Konfi has one of them in their offer, too.

During the roughly two years since its introduction in the market, the laminator has become very widespread, although mainly among foreign providers of digital print service providers.

Requirements of the digital print segment

An analysis of the requirements of the digital print segment reveals that, for lamination, the companies seek to achieve the same quality as is customary in industrial production. While this characteristic feature is maintained, the machine must secure a number of advantages.

First and foremost, the machine must be rapidly and easily readjustable with regard to individual jobs.
In addition to the rapid adjustment, the machine for this segment must be easily operable so that it could be used without the need for deeper lamination expertise on the part of the operators...

Practical experience

Junior 36 machines are currently only operated by companies dealing exclusively with digital print and by firms that process jobs containing markedly higher numbers of prints. By far the largest laminator installation was executed at Amazon, where the company purchased the total of 14 laminators of this type with 10 of them deployed in the US and the remaining four operated in the company's Europe based plants. All the machines operated by the company are almost exclusively used to process book covers. Considering that this concerns customised production, the machines were further adjusted to the needs of the customer. The adjustments involved modifications allowing nylon film processing and the method of sheet feeding since at Amazon, the practice is to feed in severely flexed sheets (due to the flexion of book covers); moreover, the machines were equipped with a barcode reader, according to which the machine is set to the four basic job types. One of the four pre-set parameter combinations are selected according to the code read. Although the machines are mainly designed for lower workloads, Amazon uses the laminators under three-shift operation.

Junior 36 machines also enjoy a strong market presence in Scandinavia where over 10 machines have been installed to date. One client in this region is Arkitektkopia, based in Stockholm, which offers a broad range of services in the field of digital and promotional production.

One of the owners of the Junior 36 machine in Denmark is Hvid Grafisk based in Randers, a town to the north of Aarhus. Lars Hvid, the owner of the company, said the main reason that had led the company to acquire the machine was an attempt to integrate its production activities and eliminate cooperations and costs of transport. What they appreciate about the machine is mainly its easy and rapid adjustment.

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