Komfi set upon originality and ten-year-old production tradition (Listy Lanškrounska 15-16/2012)

Komfi set upon originality and ten-year-old production tradition (Listy Lanškrounska 15-16/2012)

A regional circular called "Listy Lanškrounska" introduces a globally successful company to the local public, or, as might be said, even a one small company from a small town can reach high targets. The article focuses on participation of Komfi in the international trade fair of printing equipment called DRUPA, which took place in German Düsseldorf in May 2012. František Teichmann interviewed Marketing Manager Jana Slováková.

Selected parts of the article:

"The very first Delta with its production number 001 could be found on the red carpet of honour in the middle of the stand and was accompanied by 7 more Komfi originals: laminating machines in B3 to B1 formats, a new representative of full-area UV varnishing machines Fullmatic 36, and a current novelty - a machine for spot UV varnishing in B1 format - Spotmatic 76."

"The Delta 001 exhibit had been used at a customer for more than 10 years and had laminated unbelievable 27 million sheets during that period! In 2009 the customer replaced the machine with B1 format - Sagitta 76 and thus this unique piece could return to Komfi as a museum exhibit. It is certainly worth mentioning that even after so many years the machine works perfectly, and therefore its main task now is to participate in trade fairs and demonstrate high-quality work of the Czech company in the real way."

"Komfi introduced a brand new spot varnishing production line called Spotmatic 76 at Drupa. It is a unique piece of equipment for several reasons. Did the interest by the professional public and by potential customers meet the expectations with which Komfi introduced their novelty at Drupa?
For the most part, yes. We noticed a number of signals concerning the B1 format as early as soon after the presentation of Spotmatic 54. It was as early as at Drupa 2008, when this machine was still "in its infancy" and when it was necessary to "debug" it, that the interest in this machine was huge and there were many questions regarding other formats, too. In the course of further development that this machine underwent in the following years, and also due to its presentation at trade fairs and by means of dealers all over the world, it was soon decided to go for B1." We expected some interest so Drupa was not surprising for us in this respect this year."

"You came across a copy of your machine at Drupa this year. Is this the first time your machines have been copied? How do you fight against it?
It is certainly not the first time. We have been facing this situation for a longer period of time. Most often we can see features that are similar to ours at some of our competitors, but it is usually only us who can see it, customers may not notice it. However, copies of a whole machine have appeared, too, they have always been copies of the best-selling model, Delta 52. But they have never managed to launch them in the market so far. There are not many ways to fight against it. Legal ways are demanding and uncertain in such cases. The best way so far has been to be one step ahead, which is not so difficult for us running our own development. We keep working on our machines and improving them."

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