The Komfi laminators reached Chile We installed Sirius 107 and Amiga 52

21.08.2013 14:33

The Komfi laminators reached Chile We installed Sirius 107 and Amiga 52

The full-container shipment with the Komfi laminating machines already reached the destination and the installation might commence. At the turn of July and August, Mr. Jiří Krňávek and Petr Pospíšil, our colleagues, set off to Santiago de Chile to participate, along with our Chilean dealer, Hagraf S.A., in person the handover of Amiga 52 and Sirius 107 laminators at customers'.

Laminator Komfi Amiga 52 Laminator Komfi Sirius 107

The Amiga 52 laminator was handed over to PAN Impresores, the company that has been providing printing services for more than 17 years. The printing house's owner stresses the use of quality technology thanks to which it can satisfy demanding requirements of its customers.

The Sirius 107 laminator was installed at Papermint SA, the company that has been dealing in the field for more than 20 years with specialty in print finishing operations. The company owner decided to acquire the large-format Sirius 107 laminator primarily for its high productivity.

Papermint Chile

For these customers, both installed laminators were not a brand new novelty, as they replaced the previous no longer sufficient equipment. Laminating machines' operators in both companies are very skilful and experienced so that the overall replacement of the existing equipment for the new Komfi laminators was fast and smooth. Already in the first hours of working on the new machines, the staff really appreciated primarily the laminating quality and easy and intuitive operation.

Sirius 107 at customer Papermint

Amiga 52 at customer PAN Impresores

Komfi-Hagraf team installing machines in Chile

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