Automatic skew wheel

The skew wheel (roller) is a unit installed in the end of the machine behind the snapping rolls which create a wave on the sheet being laminated through roller turning and roller thrust force. Wave creating on the sheet makes separation easier for the snapping rolls.

The action of the automatic skew wheel (roller swinging mounting) when compared with the standard roller fixed mounting used on all laminators consists in the fact that a bar with roller is fitted with a pneumatic cylinder which presses the roller against sheet as required. Use of this option is suitable especially for long sheets where permanent roller pressing could result in formation of folds on the sheet. In case of the automatic skew wheel, the operator defines for how long a wave should be created and from what moment, i.e. when the roller should be pressed against sheet. The roller is pressed before fall of the snapping roll and is lifted immediately after sheet separation. Thanks to the roller swinging mounting, the operator can select from 3 modes:
- the roller pressed permanently (it operates like a fixed roller),
- the roller open permanently (not in use),
- the operator selects a cycle according to the sheet length

Použití – opce: Amiga 76Sagitta 76

V základu: Sirius 107 a větší formáty

Skew wheel

Skew wheel

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