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Our experience in development and production of custom single-purpose machines has also allowed us to realise several projects for customised laminating centres:

Delta Web

The Delta Web laminator is part of a Print-on-Demand printing house that is especially active in the photobook printing market. The design of a standard laminator Delta 52 was modified to meet customer requirements for being included in a line with a digital printer and laminating a continuous sheet of paper. The laminator must communicate with all the other machines of the line: with the printer as well as with the downstream units for further processing.  

Delta Web
Lamination of paper web Laminating machine Delta Web as a part
of photobook covers production line

Sirius "XXL" (Sirius 130)

The Sirius 130 laminating machine is based on the current design of the Sagitta 76 and Sirius 102 (now Sirius 107); however, the requirement for the ability to process 130x190 cm sheets makes it a one-of-a-kind laminator. The key component of the machine is its automatic feeder that reliably inserts sheets of even large sizes into the laminating section. Lamination operates at speeds up to 30 metres per minute; the entire process is finished by the separation of the sheets. The order did not include a sheet stacker.

Sirius 130

Sagitta H

An industrial automatic laminator, Sagitta H is designed for large lamination jobs for sheets up to B1 size at a rate of up to 50 m/min. The machine is specifically tailored for processing stacks up to 1,200 mm high. It is a robust and reliable solution for both custom-made and production lamination primarily suitable for three-shift operation.

Sagitta H

Masking machine for insulation material

The masking machine for insulation material is a single-purpose machine in the design of which we used our many years of experience in laminator production. Sheets of insulation material are manually fed into the machine; two layers of material from coils are applied onto the surface: a sticking foil and masking foil.

Kašírovací stroj izolačního materiálu Kašírovací stroj izolačního materiálu Kašírovací stroj izolačního materiálu

Amiga Plate

The Amiga Plate is also a single-purpose machine, the concept of which is based on the laminator yet its use is far distant from printing. The machine does not laminate printed matters but polycarbonate sheets that are used in the production of sports helmets. The machine is fitted with a special feeder that loads sheets of various size and thickness so that the sheets do not rub when entering the laminating unit. The laminating unit applies a special foil that works similarly to the common laminating foil but its thickness and structure are quite different. The laminated sheets are subsequently separated by hand.

Amiga Plate Amiga Plate Amiga Plate
Amiga 52 Plate Feeder of polycarbonate plates Manual separation of plates

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