Professional laminators

ROBUST, RELIABLE, EASILY OPERABLE. Those are the professional Komfi laminators. Short machine adjustment times and, primarily, short changeover times are the major guarantee of economical operation. Thanks to the high technical standard of our machines, we guarantee you the high quality laminating on the really professional level.






Laminátory JUNIOR laminátory AMIGA Laminátory DELTA Laminátory SAGITTA Laminátory SIRIUS
Junior 36 Amiga 36
Amiga 52
Amiga 76
Delta 52
Delta 76
Sagitta 52
Sagitta 52 Web
Sagitta 76
Sirius 107

Individual series of models are designed for various types of application depending on the size of orders to be processed; this is also reflected in the technical specifications of the machines. However, all KOMFI laminators are designed for PROFESSIONAL APPLICATIONS. The design of key processing components (e.g. the set of the laminating and pressure rolls with accurate temperature control) manufactured in the highest technical level possible offer our machines the best quality of lamination in various level of operator automation, adjustment components, and software.

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