Other finishing solutions

Apart from lamination and UV varnishing machines, we also offer solutions for other polishing technologies. In addition to lamination itself, embossing various patterns on printed matter is a specific add-on for finishing printed items. The structure on the surface of the lamination substrate is created using either structured lamination film or an embossing machine, which is more economical for large projects. We have realised several variants of such machines. However, they are made to order and their technical solutions are not standardised.

Embossing occurring with lamination – solution with removable rolls

The first solution consists in separately supplied embossing rolls applicable on the Amiga type machines where the plain roll is replaced by the embossing one to achieve the required embossment.

Amiga 52 Embossing

Embossing occurs after lamination

The second solution is for the Delta type machines represented by a RZ-01 embossing machine placed between the laminator and the unloading table. The pattern on the printed item is made after the sheet passes between a heated roll and a pressure roll, i.e. the pattern is made after the lamination. Sheets that go through this equipment have already been separated by the laminator's snapping mechanism; therefore, the embossing device can, as needed, be used offline just for embossing the prior laminated sheets.

Rastrovací modul Embossing

The machine allows the selection of two techniques – lamination and embossing

The newest solution consists in using an embossing module installed directly as part of the machine. The module is placed between the lamination and snapping sections and allows creating a significantly better surface pattern on printed matter because the process runs simultaneously with the lamination. Thus, the machine will have the standard laminating and pressure rolls in the traditional unit and the second pressure roll with the heated embossing roll inside the embossing module. Thus, the operator will actuate either one or the other couple of rolls, as needed. For you, this means zero demand for time and physical effort when changing the order from traditional lamination to embossing and vice versa. Presently, we offer this solution for the Sagitta machines range.


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