Set for thick laminating film

The set for processing thick laminating films is a solution intended for the Junior 36 machine only. The set includes a roller for wave creating, however, the design and location of the roller is quite different from the roller of the standard laminating machines in order to allow separation of thick laminating films.

In particular, technical design of the separator on the Junior 36 machine is the reason. The snapping roll on the Junior 36 is controlled by neither cam mechanism nor pneumatic system, but it is permanently pressed against sheet and runs at a different speed which results in sheet separation. For that reason, positioning of the roller for wave formation is also quite different already behind the pulling rolls (rather than on machine end) and on the operator's side (rather than on drive side) and turns sheets in the different side than the machines with movable snapping rolls. The roller presses paper against sheet metal (instead of unloading roll).

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